Alan McNaughton Independent Property Consultant is a firm of chartered surveyors with over 30 years experience and is regulated by RICS

All Land Registry Plans are prepared by a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor

Why do I need a Land Registry Plan?

A compliant plan is required for a variety of reasons such as new plots, first land registry registration and sales of part for example.

You might be buying or selling part of your garden for instance

New commercial leases longer than 7 years are subject to compulsory registration and also require a compliant Land Registry Plan showing the demised premises.

Are your plans Land Registry compliant?


We guarantee that our plans are Land Registry compliant and are prepared in accordance with Land Registry Practice Guide 40. Our title plans will enable a smooth registration process with the Land Registry.


Any necessary amendments will be  undertaken free of charge


How much are your Land Registry Plans?

Fees start from £195+VAT and payment is required at the time of order. Bespoke quotes are always provided.


An ordinance survey licence fee is also payable and will be confirmed on instruction

Do you need to visit the site to produce a title plan?

Our title plans are produced using sophisticated software based on the Ordnance Survey. A site inspection is not always necessary dependent on the information available on instruction.


We will discuss options with you to ensure the most appropriate service for your needs and a smooth process for registration.

What do your Land Registry Plans include?


Land Registry preferred scale
North point
Subject site edged red
Site address
Relation to adjoining features
Other relevant information such as rights of way
Company Ordnance Survey Licence number

What format will I receive my plans in?

Plans will be provided initially in jpeg and/or PDF format via email for approval. Hard copies are sent by guaranteed overnight post, once approved. We will make any necessary post production alterations to plans free of charge.


Plans can also be produced in a .dwg format (subject to an additional licence fee)


What experience do you have and are you regulated? Alan McNaughton Independent Property Consultant is a business with over 30 years experience and is regulated by RICS. All Land Registry Plans are prepared by a Chartered Surveyor.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more background information on Land Registry Plans and Title Plans at the UK Government Land Registry page.

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